Zorgrobot Maatje

People with acquired brain injury (ABI) and light intellectual disability may need a good day structure for various reasons. Stichting Ons Tweede Thuis (OTT) [Foundation ‘Our Second Home’] has been deploying healthcare technology for a while to support their clients in this regard. Nevertheless, the need for other forms of support persisted among both employees and clients. And with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social companionship emerged as well. “During an inspiration session about the deployment of healthcare innovation, we got to know care robot Maatje. Based on our experiences and those of other healthcare locations, our interest was triggered”, says Martine Evers, innovation officer at OTT. Robot Maatje can help people with a light intellectual disability or forgetfulness in their everyday activities. And Robot Maatje offers users companionship in addition to practical everyday structure.

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