About Healthcare Enablers

Societal developments never before happened so fast. They create an everchanging context in which new technology features prominently. The increasing demand on the health care system, the shortage on the job market and the change in social context and healthcare demand ask for innovation, new healthcare supply and solutions. For example, guaranteeing continuity of healthcare due to staff shortages is in some regions no longer a threat for the future, but has now become a reality. The corona crisis has made us more aware of the potential of digital care innovation. But were to begin? And how do we accelerate scaling up proven technological innovations?

Healthcare Enablers is an initiative from strategy- and innovation bureau BeBright and the National eHealth Living Lab. Since 2017, Health Enablers provides an annual publication with an overview of the most important technological development regarding healthcare in the Netherlands and abroad. For inspiration, but also to profit from new technological opportunities together and work on a sustainable healthcare system where quality and efficiency go together. In this way we offer knowledge about the technical developments to increase the innovative capacity of healthcare!

This platform combines insights from all Healthcare Enablers publications, presents domestic and foreign technological healthcare innovations in one database and we share tips and tricks to increase innovation possibilities for your organization. The goal is to share and learn from high quality knowledge and insights, both from success stories as from (brilliant) failures. In this way we can increase the innovation- and learning capacity of healthcare and accelerate and perpetuate healthcare transformation. The fifth edition of Healthcare Enablers will be published on the 26th of November 2021.

Our Team

Philip Idenburg MSc. MBA
Author Healthcare Enablers & Managing Partner BeBright
Sjoerd Emonts MSc.
Coordinator /Author Healthcare Enablers & Advisor BeBright
Prof. dr. Niels Chavannes MD, PhD
Author Healthcare Enablers & Founder National eHealth Living Lab
Mart Schoondermark MSc.
Analyst/ Coolhunter Healthcare Enablers & Advisor BeBright
Lea Bouwmeester MSc.
Strategist Healthcare Enablers & Boundary Spanner BeBright
Jiska de Wit MSc.
Strategist Healthcare Enablers & Senior Advisor BeBright