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Diabetes patients make decisions about their health almost every hour, e.g. through their diet or medication. In addition, patients need to come in for examination monthly to allow a healthcare professional to monitor their chronic disease. As a result, people with diabetes need an accessible, efficient way to self-monitor their health condition. Virta Health designed a digital platform that allows for diabetes patients to be treated with therapy, coaching and remote monitoring. Patients enter their glucose values into the app and can get in touch with a physician digitally. As such, the platform contributes to the patients’ self-reliance. The therapy aims to regulate blood sugar without the use of medication. The platform even claims the ability to reverse diabetes entirely.

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Endocrine metabolic and immune system
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Healthcare Enablers 2021
Virta Health
Self-care or at-home care
(Health) Information exchange between care provider - patient
Control and Monitoring
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App/web-based platforms/communities
Diabetes mellitus type not specified
What else is at play?