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“Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice”

Martin H. Fischer


The trend enhanced diagnostics describes new diagnostic technologies that transcend conventional methods. Thanks to enhanced diagnostics, symptoms or conditions can be analysed more quickly, easily or better. Enhanced diagnostics applications are distinct from the DIY diagnostics trend, because it is usually applied by the healthcare professional.


Applications & benefits

Applications of enhanced diagnostics vary from simple everyday measurements to complex analyses. They rely on metrics such as vocal biomarkers or fleeting organic components (FOC) in exhaled air [1 4]. The analysis of breath components can be linked to diabetes, asthma and lung cancer, among other things [5-7]. The diagnostic applications of enhanced diagnostics are largely non-invasive and can be faster, more effective and cheaper than conventional methods. In addition, they allow for preventive action to be taken based on simple diagnostics.



The enhanced diagnostics market is on the rise. The global market value of vocal biomarkers is expected to grow to a total of $4.2 billion in 2027. In 2019, the global market value was $1.3 billion. The growth is caused, in part, by the increasing prevalence of psychological conditions and cardiovascular disease [8]. Cost effectiveness is another driver of the market. The example of vocal biomarkers is just one of many. Another example is the increasing global market value of non-invasive cancer diagnostics: this segment is expected to grow by almost 7% between 2021 and 2026 [9].


Driving forces

Growing evidence of effectiveness
Increasing pressure on the healthcare system
Increased awareness and growing acceptance

Hindering forces

Lack of awareness and reluctance among potential users
Limiting guidelines, legislation and regulations
Immaturity of the application

Implementing new diagnostics is difficult. Legislation complicates the process of getting new methods integrated into healthcare standards, guidelines and health insurance coverage. However, the trend is accelerating as a result of the growing acceptance of new diagnostic methods. Plus, the technologies are becoming increasingly smart and precise. And the corona crisis has created a need for quick, simple, cheap and more scalable tests. This had a positive impact on the research area [10].



Enhanced diagnostics offer a wide range of possibilities and the body of evidence supporting various applications is growing. They promote the evolution of faster and better diagnoses as well as preventive action.


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